A little excitement in class

Modern help for modern teachers!

Reaching out to students outside the classroom

Make your students compete outside of the classroom

Excitement in the classroom

Students can also compare their knowledge with quiz games in the classroom

Introducing new topics

Playful introduction, preliminary assessment of class knowledge

Personalized teaching

After a joint competition, everyone can individually practice what they got wrong

Also in language teaching

In language teaching with 7 learning modes, 2 questioning modes and quizzes

For any subject

Use it to teach any subject! Biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, literature, history, English, German, Spanish, etc.

What students don't know

After a joint test, the program helps to determine what issues and topics students need to practice on

Interactive lessons

In the classroom, you can uplift the life in the classroom with interactive tests and demonstrations

Deepen your knowledge

Repeat the previous topics to deepen the knowledge of the class

Teach entertainingly

You can impress students by uplifting the atmosphere in the classroom with mobile quiz games from time to time

Homework competing

Homework can be completed twice after an exercise. The best players can be rewarded


Students can also work in groups, helping them develop the ability to work in a team

How does it work?

Create or download

Create your own quiz or word list. You can also download shared lists

Start a game

Create a game ID within the program of the quiz you have created or downloaded

Share your game ID

You can share via email, Google Classroom, etc.

Evaluate the results

After the test deadline, see who have completed, and you can reward the best ones