Use all your time to learn a language or learn anything useful!

Modern help for modern students!

Also in language teaching

Learn languages with language soloists, English, German, Spanish, etc. In language teaching with 7 learning modes, 2 questioning modes and quizzes

For any subject

Use it to master any subject! Biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, literature, history, English, German, Spanish, etc.

Extend knowledge with new topics

Are you interested in any scientific topics? Create or download quizzes on the topic and practice

Personalized learning

What you are not the best at just have to practice

Compete with your friends

Challenge your friends to a competition and test your knowledge

Learn playfully

Learn with fun! You can also play against the computer

Make your own quizzes

Create your own quizzes for any subject and your own language word lists for any language

Extra language learning opportunities

Also test your language skills, listening comprehension, pronunciation and writing

Deepen your knowledge

Repeat what you have learned before to deepen your knowledge

Make the most of your time

Take advantage of your driving, training, and other semi-active time

Memory oblivion curve

The program repeats exactly when your memory needs it

Practice on the go and at home

With the car mode you can practice while driving and training, and with the other 7 modes you can practice by holding the mobile in your hand

How It Works?

Create or download

Create your own quiz or word lists. You can also download shared lists

Start the test

With the completed or downloaded quiz, you can play and practice within the program

Subject learning modes


Quiz, choosing the right one from 4 options

Group competitions

Classroom competitions and homework competitions

Language learning modes

Learning + questioning

This is the primary language learning mode if you can sit down in front of your mobile to practice. It includes all modes of learning and questioning

Car mode

If you can't sit by your mobile, use this! It keeps repeating words and their meaning for you. Ideal during training, working in the kitchen, or driving a car

Game against the computer, quiz

4 types of quizzes with computer opponents

Learning by listening

Quick listening, learning by repetition, learning by example sentences

Learning by writing

To practice your writing and spelling. Post-hearing comprehension with option

Learning by picking

Quiz, choosing the right solution from 4 options. Post-hearing comprehension with option

Learning by word pairing

Quiz, 5-5 word pair search

Creating an example sentence

Practice sentence making when you are allowed to make mistakes. With Mnemonic training

Speech test with words

Test pronunciation of words with speech recognition

Speech test with sentences

Testing the pronunciation of sentences, with speech recognition, indicating pronunciation differences


You can also do questioning for words and sentences. Words can also do questioning in writing

Group competitions

Classroom competitions and homework competitions